Out of Sign Aspects

Out of sign aspects are times on a chart when two planets are in aspect yet these planets are in signs that do not match the aspect. As a result, the planet’s energy is in sync for the aspect, but the planets do not express in a way that is harmonious with the aspect. During these times, you might find that you’re engaged in a lot of introspection and confusion. While you might understand things that are happening around you, you may not have as strong a grip on just why these things in your life are conflicting with each other. Additionally, you might find that you’re unable to understand why certain things in your life are in conflict, when they generally are not.

The mere idea of being out of sign is a chance to see what parts of your life are also not in balance with the way that your sign behaves or reacts. You can begin to review the way you live your life and change the way that you approach the world when you see things being out of aspect. While we’re not always the same, when we’re stuck too much in our patterns, sometimes the planets will line up (or not line up) to change the way we live.

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