Unlike an inconjunct, the opposition is a time when a chart includes a second harmonic aspect, with a separating distance of 180°. This is known as a major hard aspect, or a time when you will find the energies of your life to be particularly challenging. While no one wants to hear that things will be tough, sometimes, these times of introspection become the best times for growth into possibility. When we’re not worried so much about whether something bad will happen, we can prepare for the worst and deal with it in a calmer fashion.

Many people avoid opposition in their lives, which is often why these times of opposition can be so scary. Instead of focusing on the fact that we can go with the flow of opposition, we often think about we can fight to ensure nothing happens. But this conflict with conflict only makes things more difficult. When you see an opposition in a chart, this might be looked at as an opportunity to use this knowledge and be ready for what comes. Perhaps when you’re less resistant to change, you will be able to embrace it and enjoy its benefits.

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