Multiple Conjunction

When multiple planets are lined up with each other and form conjunctions, this is where you will have a multiple conjunction. Even if the connections aren’t direct, when you have three or more planets that are in conjunction, the energies of those planets are going to impact each other and the person whose chart they are on. With this information, you can begin to see how the movement of energy in your life might have paradoxes or it might cause some decisions to be more difficult.

No matter what the planets are and how they might agree with each other, a multiple conjunction offers a time of introspection and a time to look to see how what we do affects others and other things we want to achieve. After all, nothing that we do is going to be without effect, even when it’s a minimal effect.

By looking to see what planets are in the conjunction and how they impact us, we begin to see our own internal battles – and how they might be changing us and challenging us. Even if the plants are in direct conflict with each other, there is still a place when you can learn more about yourself.

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