For those interested in more minute details, the inconjunct is a minor hard aspect, with a separating distance of 150°, or the fifth multiple of the twelfth harmonic (30°, semi-sextile). Since this is a hard aspect, it signifies the need for adjustment and for a period of reflection. As things are going to be opposing each other, even if it’s slightly, then this can be a time where things might be more challenging in life.

At the same time, it’s these challenges that offer lessons for a person. When they aware that things need to be adjusted, they can take the initiative to do so, instead of waiting and seeing what life is going to do to them. While not everyone takes this minor hard aspect as an opportunity, it can certainly present one since the person that knows about the need for change can prepare.

Sometimes, however, this minor hard aspect is overlooked because it is minor. But perhaps the minor changes will be easier to take on, allowing the bigger changes to not be as challenging. Thus, it might be a signal that taking a smaller step towards change is better than taking no step at all.

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