There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac and 12 Houses of experi­ence. The 12 Signs are personality types and ways in which a given planet expresses itself; the 12 Houses show 'where' in your life this expression takes place. Each House has a differ­ent area of interest. A House can become potent and impor­tant - a House of Power - in different ways: if it contains the Sun, the

Moon or the Ruler of your chart, if it contains more than one planet, or if the Ruler of that House is receiving unusual stimulation from other planets.

1st House Personal Image and Sensual Delights

2nd House Money/Finance

3rd House Communication and Intellectual Interests

4th House Home and Family

5th House Children, Fun, Games, Creativity, Speculations and Love Affairs

6th House Health and Work

7th House Love, Marriage and Social Activities

8th House Transformation and Regeneration

9th House Religion, Foreign Travel, Higher Education and Philosophy

10th House Career

11th House Friends, Group Activities and Fondest Wishes

12th House Spirituality

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