Hard Aspect

The easiest way to define a hard aspect is that this is an aspect in a chart when the planets might be in conflict with each other. When one planet’s energy or position is in opposite to another’s, this can signal some challenges for the person. Often termed semi-square, square, opposition or sesquiquadrate, these hard aspects are often not present at all times, but they are certainly times when you can feel as though things just aren’t going your way, no matter what you’ve done.

To approach a hard aspect, it’s best to be aware of these times and note what the two oppositions are. As you look at these opposing factors, think in your life about ways in which they can begin to work together to be more harmonious. Or you may just want to seek out refuge in your life, taking better care of yourself and being more open to things being a little out of sorts for a time.

These oppositions don’t have to be times of anguish or challenge, but they can be times when you look for ways to overcome that which you might not have expected. Still, it’s better to know of a hard aspect before it starts to impact you.

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