If you’re looking at a chart, you might notice that the sign opposite a planet's sign of exaltation. This is said to be when a planet is in "fall" meaning it’s weakened in some way. While this might not mean a lot at first, the more that you look into the planet’s meaning, the more you will be able to determine the relevance to the reading you’re doing – whether it’s for yourself or it’s for another person.

Ideally, when you notice that a sign is opposite a planet’s rising, then you want to point this out to the other person. This will allow them to see how that planet’s significance might relate to their life at the present time or how it might have related to their life in a past time. In seeing this correlation, one can begin to be more sensitive to certain situations or to certain emotions that might come up. As with all astrological data, the more you know, the more you can begin to change the way that you approach your life’s challenges. While the fall might not be something that resonates with you now, it might come up later on in your life.

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