One of the things that many people learn when they begin to work with astrology is the idea of the elements. While this might not be a foreign concept, it can be different when you’re used to other systems, or ideas. The elements are the basic elements that are thought to create the entire world, including air, fire, water, and earth.

 Some say there is an additional element called spirit, helping to conceptualize the idea of ‘essence.’ But traditional astrologers don’t use that element often, so you don’t necessarily need to understand it.

The importance of elements is that they allow you to understand the idea of nature, without having to understand the chemical structure. For example, water signs, like a Scorpio, is someone who might be more emotional, or watery in nature. By learning the elements and how they relate to the signs, you can begin to incorporate that knowledge into a reading.

By simply having an awareness of the elements and how they flow with each other, you can also begin to use those metaphors to help you with your astrology readings, determining how a person might want to approach the answers they’ve received from you and how they might move forward in their lives as a result.

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