Just as when you were in math class, degrees hold special significance when reading a birth chart. First of all, you need to look at the chart and see that it’s a circle. That circle can be divided up into degrees, 360 degrees to be exact. Each of the 12 signs on the chart will have 30 degrees and the degrees are counted from the number ‘1’ as opposed to ‘0.’

Within each degree are even smaller designations, called minutes. Each degree contains 60 minutes, and each minute contains 60 seconds on the chart. These precise measurements can allow for highly detailed chart readings for those who want to have the most precise chart possible.

There are also a number of different kinds of degrees, depending on the system in which an astrologer works. The degrees might include: critical, fortunate, dark, void, deep, masculine, feminine, etc.

While you might not know the degrees of your chart, being away of this possibility can help you as you continue to explore astrology. The more precise you can be in readings, the more you can tell someone else - and the more you can reveal about your own life path’s questions and direction. 

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