Even if you’re not sure when this happens, the cusp is the most powerful and the strongest point on the chart. This is located at the beginning of the house or the sign in a birth chart, helping to point out strong aspects. For example, when a planet is near the cusp, they are more powerful in affecting the person of the birth chart.

The sign that is located on a cusp of any of the chart’s houses is considered to be the ruler of that house, and the ruling planet in that cusp is also a ruler of that house. The ruling parts of a birth chart tend to have the most sway in the life of the person whose chart you are creating or reading.

In order to be certain which signs are on the cusp, you can measure the planets as being ruling if they are up to five degrees before the cusp. Some ancient astrologers noted that a planet in that position may already be in the house, even if they don’t appear to be.

This knowledge allows the reader to see when some planets are ruling and then make readings based on this new knowledge.

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