If you’re talking about the aspects in a birth chart, you are talking about different ways in which pieces of the chart relate to each other. Aspects include the angular distances between planets or other points. There are major and minor aspects in a chart, helping to refine a birth chart, subtle shifts that can give more insight into the way a person behaves.

Over time, the idea of aspects has changed and shifted, and the idea of the conjunction is now considered to be an aspect, while it wasn’t in the past. Learning about the various aspects in your chart can help you understand why you have different qualities than others with the same Sun sign.

Try to find the major and the minor aspects of your birth chart in order to see how you relate to others in your life, as well. This will allow you to see why you have conflicts with others or why you might have better relationships with others. The more knowledge you have, the more you can begin to use the knowledge to interpret your life via the alignment of the stars in the sky when you were born.

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