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Year 2013

Aquarius Career and Work Horoscope in 2013

You are one of the most productive signs, Aquarius, and this year proves to be no different. While 2013 seems like it’s off to a simple start, before you know it, things are going to get a bit crazier than you might have guessed them to become. With the ups and the downs of this year, you need to remind yourself to practice ease in what you do. There’s no need to make your life more difficult than it already is. You have the tools and the experience to make things easy. Just trust yourself.

Work is something that you’ve been struggling with for some time now. The work you do might be fulfilling, but it’s not necessarily making you happy. What you need to do in 2013, Aquarius, is think about what really makes you upset and then do something about it. The truth is that you’ve already known what you need to do to change your life, but now you actually need to take the steps.

An easier work life begins with stripping away the things that don’t work for you anymore. Though you might be a creature of habit, you need to find out what is holding you back and get it out of your way. Whether this means you need to work less or you need to delegate smaller tasks to others, sit down and think about what isn’t serving you anymore.

When you finally allow yourself to have an easier time, you’ll find that work challenges don't stick around for very long. You need to be the one that changes things so that you can enjoy a peaceful career. You can’t wait for others to see what you need because they’re preoccupied with their own needs.

Aquarius Love and Relationship Horoscope in 2013

The love that you found and lost last year is still on your mind, Aquarius. Though you might have handled these transitions with ease, there are still some residual feelings you need to address. By allowing yourself some space to figure out your feelings, you will be better prepared for new and for renewed relationships in this coming year. Realize that you have done a lot in the last year to heal your heart, but that your heart still needs attention in 2013.

What you need to do to make your relationships easier this year is to commit only to what you can commit to. Instead of taking on more of the relationship, you need to be able to state your needs clearly. This might feel awkward at first, as you may have done a lot of this last year, people want to know what you need and what you expect from them. The clearer you can be, the easier your partnerships will feel.

Even though relationships aren’t ever easy, they can be drama-free this year. You just need to be the one to start the conversation this time.

Aquarius Health Horoscope in 2013

The many health changes you made last year were not the easiest to make. You broke old habits, you started to look at yourself in a new way, and it’s finally paying off. But the temptation to go back to the way things were is strong, and you need to fight it more than ever in 2013, Aquarius. Since you might feel stressed out many times this year, it’s a good idea to put new health habits in place as soon as possible to ensure you’re keeping your body strong and vital.

For those who are trying to heal their body after an illness or quitting a bad habit, you need to start researching new ways to support your body through your diet. When you find the plans you need, things begin to fall into place more easily than ever. This isn’t supposed to be a practice that’s difficult either. You can find easy ways to be healthy, including adding a ten-minute walk to each day. The more you do, the easier your life will feel. After all, when you feel good, you can be happier and more responsive to the world around you.

Aquarius 2013 Video

Aquarius January 2013

Commit to yourself right now that you will have a healthy life. Create three rules that you will follow, no matter what. Post these rules where you can see them. Aquarius January 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius February 2013

When you’re tempted to freak out about a work situation, stop for a moment. Realize that things might not be as difficult as they seem. Talk to a trusted friend about what you can do. Aquarius February 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius March 2013

While you might have a lot of strong opinions, diplomacy is best this month. Think about the impact of your words before you speak up. Remember there are two sides to every story, if not more. Aquarius March 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius April 2013

If you can think about your work right now as a stepping-stone to something better, the hard days will become easier. You need to cultivate patience right now. Move slowly in your work so that you don’t overextend yourself. Aquarius April 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius May 2013

The time has come for you to rest, Aquarius. This month, focus on getting more sleep than you normally would and doing things at a slower pace. When you rest, you will have more energy in the future. Aquarius May 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius June 2013

Even though things are moving along well, you need to be aware of your relationships. Listen to what people are telling you. You might have a lesson that you need to learn. Aquarius June 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius July 2013

While you might be tempted to go back to bad habits this month, you have the strength to fight the urge. Remember all that you have done and celebrate your accomplishment. Tell yourself that you are worth the changes. Aquarius July 2013 Horoscope

Aquarius August 2013

If your workplace seems to be filled with challenges, it’s time to take a few days off. Let your boss know that you need some time away. And leave your phone and computer at home while you escape.

Aquarius September 2013

It’s time to clean house this month, literally, Aquarius. You need to start getting rid of things that remind you of harder times. Releasing these items will help clear your mind.

Aquarius October 2013

Though you don’t always want to ask for help, this is a month where it’s a good idea. Ask someone you love for support and they will give you exactly what you need. You don't always have to do everything yourself.

Aquarius November 2013

If you’re feeling tired at work, it’s time to find a new way to accomplish your tasks. See if you can make your work more efficient, allowing you to enjoy more free time. You’ll get noticed for the changes you make.

Aquarius December 2013

Change the way that you’re looking at a current relationship. Though they might be causing you to feel down, recognize the lessons you can learn. You may find that the most challenging relationship is the best one for you.

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