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Scorpio personality

All about Scorpio Sign personality, traits and characteristics

The phoenix of mythology was a bird that could recreate and reproduce itself. It did so in a most intriguing way: it would seek a fire - usually in a religious temple - fly into it, consume itself in the flames and then emerge a new bird. If this is not the ultimate, most profound transformation, then what is? Transformation is what Scorpios are all about - in their minds, bodies, affairs and relationships (Scorpios are also society's transformers).

To change something in a natural, not an artificial way, involves a transformation from within. This type of change is a radical change as opposed to a mere cosmetic make-over. Some people think that change means altering just their appearance, but this is not the kind that interests a Scorpio. Scorpios seek deep, fundamental change. Since real change always proceeds from within, a Scorpio is very interested in - and usually accustomed to - the inner, intimate and philosophical side of life.

Scorpios are people of depth and intellect. If you want to interest them you must present them with more than just a superficial image. You and your interests, projects or business deals must have real substance to them in order to stimulate a Scorpio. If they haven't, he or she will find you out - and that will be the end of the story.

If we observe life - the processes of growth and decay -we see the transformational powers of Scorpio at work all the time. The caterpillar changes itself into a butterfly, the infant grows into a child and then an adult. To Scorpios this definite and perpetual transformation is not something to be feared. They see it as a normal part of life. This acceptance of transformation gives Scorpios the key to understanding the true meaning of life.

Scorpios' understanding of life (including life's weaknesses) makes them powerful warriors - in all senses of the word. Add to this their depth, patience and endurance and you have a powerful personality. Scorpios have good, long memories and can at times be quite vindictive - they can wait years to get their revenge. As a friend, though, there is no one more loyal and true than a Scorpio. Few are willing to make the sacrifices that a Scorpio will make for a true friend.

The results of a transformation are quite obvious, although the process of transformation is invisible and secret. This is why Scorpios are considered secretive in nature. A seed will not grow properly if you keep digging it up and exposing it to the light of day. It must stay buried -invisible - until it starts to grow. In the same manner, Scorpios fear revealing too much about themselves or their hopes to other people. However, they will be more than happy to let you see the finished product - but only when it is completely wrapped up. On the other hand, Scorpios like knowing everyone else's secrets as much as they dislike anyone knowing theirs. See also Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman.

About Scorpio

Scorpio, born between October 23 and November 2, is a quiet and composed person in appearance. Inside, he s a dynamo of purposefulness and stubborn independence, bent on his own purposes and doing everything he can to achieve them. There is probably no other zodiac sign that symbolizes a goal setter and an achiever. Scorpio is independent-minded and therefore knows to set his own objectives in life.

This same independence is manifest in disliking anything that threatens to bend him from his purpose. This is the reason why Scorpio prefers to live by himself than have other people around him who distract him from his objectives or pose obstacles to him. Just as he cannot compromise with those who oppose him, Scorpio is loyal and faithful to those he feels he can trust. And he is usually right about persons, being a keen observer.

Scorpio may be difficult to make friends with because along with their being observant, they are also extremely suspicious. This suspiciousness stems from their independent purpose. They will hardly ever modify their goals in consideration of others with whom they associate. Having to adjust to other people’s wishes is for them a sign of weakness because it threatens their independent way of thinking. Because of being observant, they also remember details of things. Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpio is the least willing to forgive any wrong which they have suffered in the hands of others probably because the images of events are clearly imprinted in their consciousness.

Not only can they be unforgiving, but they also tend to hold grudges and may be willing to do someone a disservice if they perceive that persons as having put them at a disadvantage. All in all, Scorpio can be the extremes of both good and bad at the same time. They are very loyal to the point of becoming insanely jealous. They can love to the point of wanting to dominate their partner. The secret of relating successfully to a Scorpio is therefore to be perfectly transparent in your purposes and dealings.

Scorpio personality traits

Scorpio in love

Scorpio is another Zodiac Sign that likes committed, clearly defined, structured relationships. They are cautious about marriage, but when they do commit to a relationship they lend to be faithful - and heaven help the mate caught or even suspected of infidelity! The jealousy of the Scorpio is legendary. They can be so intense in their jealousy that even the thought or intention of infidelity will be detected and is likely to cause as much of a storm as if the deed had actually been done.

Scorpios tend to settle down with those who are wealthier than they are. They usually have enough intensity for two, so in their partners they seek someone pleasant, hardworking, amiable, stable and easy-going. They want someone they can lean on, someone loyal behind them as they fight the battles of life. To a Scorpio a partner, be it a lover or a friend, is a real partner - not an adversary. Most of all a Scorpio is looking for an ally, not a competitor.

If you are in love with a Scorpio you will need a lot of patience. It takes a long time to get to know Scorpios, because they do not reveal themselves readily. But if you persist and your motives are honourable, you will gradually be allowed into a Scorpio's inner chambers of the mind and heart. See also Scorpio compatibility matches.

Scorpio and finance

Love, birth, life as well as death are Nature's most potent transformations; Scorpios are interested in all of these. In our society, money is a transforming power, too, and a Scorpio is interested in money for that reason. To a Scorpio money is power, money causes change, money controls. It is the power of money that fascinates them. But Scorpios can be too materialistic if they are not careful. They can be overly awed by the power of money, to a point where they think that money rules the world.

Even the term plutocrat comes from Pluto, the ruler of the Sign of Scorpio. Scorpios will - in one way or another -achieve the financial status they strive for. When they do so they are careful in the way they handle their wealth. Part of this financial carefulness is really a kind of honesty, for Scorpios are usually involved with other people's money - as accountants, lawyers, stockbrokers or corporate managers -and when you handle other people's money you have to be more cautious than when you handle your own.

In order to fulfil their financial goals, Scorpios have important lessons to learn. They need to develop qualities that do not come naturally to them, such as breadth of vision, optimism, faith, trust and, above all, generosity. They need to see the wealth in Nature and in life, as well as in its more obvious forms of money and power. When they develop generosity their financial potential reaches great heights, for Jupiter, the Lord of Opulence and Good Fortune, is Scorpio's Money Planet.

Scorpio career and public image characteristics

Scorpio's greatest aspiration in life is to be considered by society as a source of light and life. They want to be leaders, lo be stars. But they follow a very different road than do l.eos, the other stars of the Zodiac. A Scorpio arrives at the goal secretly, without ostentation; a Leo pursues it openly. Scorpios seek the glamour and fun of the rich and famous in a restrained, discreet way.

Scorpios are by nature introverted and tend to avoid the limelight. But if they want to attain their highest career goals they need to open up a bit and to express themselves more. They need to stop hiding their light under a bushel and let it shine. Above all, they need to let go of any vindic-liveness and small-mindedness. All their gifts and insights were given to them for one important reason - to serve life and to increase the joy of living for others.

Life of Scorpio

Uranus is ruler of Scorpio's 4th Solar House of Home and Family. Uranus is the planet of science, technology, changes and democracy. This tells us a lot about a Scorpio's conduct in the home and what he or she needs in order to have a happy, harmonious home life.

Scorpios can sometimes bring their passion, intensity and willfulness into the home and family, which is not always the place for these qualities. These traits are good for the warrior and the transformer, but not so good for the nurturer and family member. Because of this (and also because of their need for change and transformation) the Scorpio may be prone to sudden changes of residence. If not carefully constrained, the sometimes inflexible Scorpio can produce turmoil and sudden upheavals within the family.

Scorpios need to develop some of the virtues of Aquarius in order to cope better with domestic matters. There is a need to build a team spirit at home, to treat family activities as truly group activities - family members should all have a say in what does and does not get done. For at times a Scorpio can be most dictatorial. When a Scorpio gets dicta-toral it is much worse than if a Leo or Capricorn (the two other power Signs in the Zodiac) does. For the dictatorship of a Scorpio is applied with more zeal, passion, intensity and concentration than is true of either a Leo or Capricorn. Obviously this can be unbearable to family members - especially if they are sensitive types.

In order for a Scorpio to get the full benefit of the emotional support that a family can give, he or she needs to let go of conservatism and be a bit more experimental, to explore new techniques in child-rearing, be more democratic with family members and to try to manage things by consensus rather than by autocratic edict.

Scorpio Sign characteristics

One symbol of the Sign of Scorpio is the phoenix. If you meditate upon the legend of the phoenix you will begin to understand the Scorpio character - his or her powers and abilities, interests and deepest urges.

Scorpio Element: Water
Scorpio Ruling Planet: Pluto
Scorpio Career Planet: Sun
Scorpio Love Planet: Venus
Scorpio Money Planet:Jupiter
Scorpio Planet of Health and Work: Mars
Scorpio Planet of Home and Family Life: Uranus

Scorpio Colours: dark red, brown, red, red- violet
Scorpio Colours that promotes earning power: blue
Scorpio Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony: green
Scorpio Qualities most needed for balance: a wider view of things
Scorpio Strongest virtues: loyalty, concentration, determination, courage, depth
Scorpio Deepest needs: to penetrate and transform
Scorpio Characteristics to avoid: vindictiveness, fanaticism, jealousy

Scorpio Lucky numbers: 7, 11, 23, 47
Scorpio Best day of the week: Tuesday
Scorpio Gems: jasper, bloodstone, malachite, topaz see: Scorpio Birthstone
Scorpio Metal: iron, steel, radium
Scorpio Scents: cherry blossom, coconut, sandalwood, watermelon
Scorpio Wood: redwood
Scorpio Flower: anemone
Scorpio Animal: scorpio
Scorpio Fabric: tweed



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