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Gemini personality

All about Gemini Sign personality, traits and characteristics

This analogy should give you an indication of a Gemini's role in society. Geminis are the communicators and convey­ors of information. To Geminis the truth or falsehood of information is irrelevant, they only transmit what they see, hear or read about. Thus they are capable of spreading the most outrageous rumours as well as conveying truth and light. Geminis sometimes tend to

be unscrupulous in their communications and can do great good or great evil with their power. This is why the Sign of Gemini is called the Sign of the Twins: Geminis have a dual nature. Their ability to convey a message - to communicate with such ease - makes Geminis ideal teachers, writers and media and marketing people.

This is helped by the fact that Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, also rules these activities.  Geminis have the gift of the gab. And what a gift this is! They can make conversation about anything, anywhere, at any time. There is almost nothing that is more fun to Geminis than a good conversation - especially if they can learn something new as well. They love to learn and they love to teach.

To deprive a Gemini of conversation, or of books and magazines, is cruel and unusual punishment. Geminis are almost always excellent students and take well to education. Their minds are generally stocked with all kinds of information, trivia, anecdotes, stories, news items, rarities, facts and statistics.

Thus they can support any intellectual position that they care to take. They are awesome debaters and, if involved in politics, make good orators. Geminis are so verbally smooth that even if they do not know what they are talking about, they can make you think that they do. They will always dazzle you with their bril­liance. See also Gemini man and Gemini woman.

About Gemini

Gemini is generally known as Twin. It lies between May 22 and June 21. These dates are not the same every year because of irregular rotation of earth. The most important feature of their personality is that they are witty, bright and often having restless who needs constant mental stimulation, variety and most important; space and freedom. Intellect level of Gemini people is high.

They can learn things very easily. They have restlessness in their nature. They just can stick to one thing. Their mind flies from one place to another like butterfly. They want to meet everyone and want to learn everything. Ability to deal with different ideas at the same time is one of the most important feature of them,

The Gemini is known for its intellect. Because their nature is restless and they have the intellect, they are often found at the base of most inventions and innovative thinking. They make a great place for themselves in the society.

The Gemini people are also great at communication which keeps everyone happy with them. If the Gemini is leading a nation, tribe or a society, the civic factor increases quickly and the society enjoys complete freedom. The Gemini has Air as its element which directly predicts nature filled with freedom.

They are in favor of open relationship and generally they themselves enter into one at some stage of their life. They provide great companionship to the dynamic people. if they find a dynamic personality around them, they quickly get attached and build a relationship. They appreciate intelligence where ever it is found.

They are often far sighted. But they do not feel comfortable when they have the thought of a future task. They take stress for that. They often plan things shortly and that is why they fail to complete most of the things that they start.

Gemini personality traits

Gemini in love

Geminis bring their natural garrulousness and brilliance into their love life and social life as well. A good talk or a verbal joust is an interesting prelude to romance. Their only problem in love is that their intellect is too cool and passionless to incite ardour in others.

Emotions sometimes disturb them, and their partners tend to complain about this. If you are in love with a Gemini you must understand why this is so. Geminis avoid deep passions because these would interfere with their ability to think and communi­cate. If they are cool towards you, understand that this is their nature. Nevertheless, Geminis must understand that it is one thing to talk about love and another actually to love - to feel it and radiate it.

Talking about love glibly will get them nowhere. They need to feel it and act on it. Love is not of the intellect but of the heart. If you want to know how a Gemini feels about love you should not listen to what he or she says but rather observe what he or she does. Geminis can be quite generous to those they love.

Geminis like their partners to be refined, well educated and well travelled. If their partners are more wealthy than they, that is all the better. If you are in love with a Gemini you had better be a good listener as well. The ideal relationship for the Gemini is a relationship of the mind. They enjoy the physical and emotional aspects, of course, but if the intellectual communion is not there they will suffer. See also Gemini compatibility matches.

Gemini and finance

Geminis tend to be more concerned with the wealth of learning and ideas than with actual material wealth. As mentioned they excel in professions that involve writing, leaching, sales and journalism - and not all of these profes­sions pay very well. But to sacrifice intellectual needs merely lor money is unthinkable to a Gemini.

Geminis strive to combine the two. Cancer is on Gemini's Solar 2nd House (of Money) cusp, which indicates that Geminis can earn extra income (in a harmonious and natural way) from investments in residen­tial property, restaurants and hotels. Given their verbal skills, Geminis love to bargain and negotiate in any situa­tion, but especially when it has to do with money.

The Moon rules Gemini's 2nd Solar House. The Moon is not only the fastest-moving planet in the Zodiac but actu­ally moves through every Sign and House every 28 days. No other heavenly body matches the Moon for swiftness or the ability to change quickly. An analysis of the Moon - and lunar phenomena in general - describes Gemini's financial attitudes very well. Geminis are financially versatile and flexible. They can earn money in many different ways.

Their financial attitudes and needs seem to change daily. Their feelings about money change also: sometimes they are very enthusiastic about it, at other times they could not care less. For a Gemini, financial goals and money are often seen only as means of supporting a family; these things have little meaning otherwise. The Moon, as Gemini's Money Planet, has another important message for Gemini financially: in order for Geminis to realize their financial potential they need to develop more of an understanding of the emotional side of life.

They need to combine their awesome powers of logic with an understanding of human psychology. Feelings have their own logic; Geminis need to learn this and apply it to financial matters.

Gemini career and public image characteristics

Geminis know that they have been given the gift of communication for a reason, that it is a power that can achieve great good or cause unthinkable distress. They long to put this power at the service of the highest and most transcendental truths.

This is their primary goal, to commu­nicate the eternal verities and prove them logically. They look up to people who can transcend the intellect - to poets, artists, musicians and mystics. They may be awed by stories of religious saints and martyrs. A Gemini's highest achievement is to teach the truth, whether it is scientific, inspirational or historical.

Those who can transcend the intellect are Gemini's natural superiors - and a Gemini real­izes this. The Sign of Pisces is in Gemini's Solar 10th House of Career. Neptune, the Planet of Spirituality and Altruism, is Gemini's Career Planet. If Geminis are to realize their high­est career potential they need to develop their transcenden­tal - their spiritual and altruistic - side.

They need to understand the larger cosmic picture, the vast flow of human evolution - where it came from and where it is heading. Only then can a Gemini's intellectual powers take their true position and he or she can become the 'messenger of the gods'. Geminis need to cultivate a facility for 'inspira­tion', which is something that does not originate in the intellect but which comes through the intellect. This will further enrich and empower a Gemini's mind.

Life of Gemini

At home the Gemini can be uncharacteristically neat and meticulous. They tend to want their children and partner to live up to their idealistic standards. When these standards are not met they moan and criticize. However, Geminis are good family people and like to serve their families in practi­cal and useful ways.

The Gemini home is comfortable and pleasant. They like to invite people over and they make great hosts. Geminis are also good at repairs and improvements around the house -all fuelled by their need to stay active and occupied with something they like to do. Geminis have many hobbies and interests that keep them busy when they are home alone.

Geminis understand and get along well with their chil­dren, mainly because they are very youthful people them­selves. As great communicators, Geminis know how to explain things to children; in this way they gain their chil­dren's love and respect. Geminis also encourage children to be creative and talkative, just like they are.

Gemini Sign characteristics

Gemini is to society what the nervous system is to the body. It does not introduce any new information but is a vital transmitter of impulses from the sense to the brain and vice versa. The nervous system does not judge or weight these impulses, it only conveys information. and does so perfectly.

Gemini Element: Air
Gemini Ruling Planet: Mercury
Gemini Career Planet: Neptune
Gemini Love Planet: Jupiter
Gemini Money Planet: Moon
Gemini Planet of Health and Work: Pluto
Gemini Planet of Home and Family Life: Mercury

Gemini Colours: yellow, black and white, blue, yellow
Gemini Colours that promotes earning power: grey, silver
Gemini Colours that promote love, romance and social harmony: sky blue
Gemini Qualities most needed for balance: thought that is deep rather than superficial
Gemini Strongest virtues: great communication skills, quickness and agility of thought, ability to learn quickly
Gemini Deepest needs: communication
Gemini Characteristics to avoid: gossiping, superficiality, using words to mislead or misinform, hurting others with harsh speech

Gemini Lucky numbers: 3, 8, 12, 23
Gemini Best day of the week: Wednesday
Gemini Gems: tiger´s eye, agate, aquamarine see: Gemini Birthstone
Gemini Metal: platinum, aluminium, quicksilver
Gemini Scents: lavender, lilac, lily of the valley, storax
Gemini Wood: beech
Gemini Flower: larkspur
Gemini Animal: monkey
Gemini Fabric: cotton



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